Angeschmiert with more expensive brands Goo

Stuttgart, July 11, 2014

Buy your Prince role in Tengelmann, or does it even the no-name Doppelkeks of Aldi? Dear Tengelmann because you can be as sure to get quality, even if it is a bit more expensive? Then you are probably the type who prefers to choose a branded product for 30 euros per liter and the engine oil. But at least in the oil, this approach is not necessarily useful as a test of GTÜ Society for Technical Supervision and the ACE Auto Club Europa shows. Because the oil is cheaper no-name varieties the best.

Test winners are unbranded oils

Twelve commercially available engine oils from 8.99 to 26.75 euro per liter were put under the microscope. The conclusion of the experts: The suspicion affordable motor oils were only half as good as expensive brand oils, is unfounded. Because the test winners are unbranded products: the GSL low friction oil the chain for real 13.99 EUR per liter and the Cartechnic engine oil Muli for 12.50 euros per liter both received a rating of " highly recommended". Also with "highly recommended" cut the engine oils DBV Long Life for 11,90 Euro and high performers Longlife 3 from 12.80 to EUR. Expensive brand oils with liter prices of well over 20 euro, such as Shell, Mercedes and VW, reached in GTÜ judgment merely a "recommended" or "conditionally recommended".

Not every car can withstand any oil

Save on motor oil is possible, but easy to buy the cheapest oil, of course is not even. Because not every car can withstand any oil. The GTÜ advises, basically to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers that have developed in part for their vehicles also own standards and approvals. This information can be found in the manual of the vehicle. Since the requirements of the German producers are similar relatively strong, meet many quality oils even multiple shares of BMW, VW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, or even simultaneously. At the given variety one should keep in youngish cars necessarily, the GTÜ. What is important is that the release was actually granted, and indicated unequivocally from the label. Because in case of damage, an oil analysis to demonstrate the use of another oil, warranty claims would therefore be invalid. Caution is advised, for example, in oils, the deceptive wording bear on the label, such as " High is equivalent to EU law ... " That, GTÜ, is no guarantee of consistent quality, even if the product in the test requirements fully enough. (sl)