An AMG for the formula 1

Affalterbach, 27. March 2018

Well, have you looked at the weekend for the first formula 1 race of the new season? Then you will certainly have noticed that the Mercedes-AMG GT, which has led the field of race cars to the Start. He is completely new and almost as powerful as the runabout behind him, because it is the GT-R with 585 HP.

No one has ever been stronger

With said 585 HP and a peak of 318 km/h, the new Safety Car of the formula 1 is the strongest yet in the Premier class. Since 1996, it is provided by Mercedes-AMG, at the time, began with the C 36 AMG. Whether it now needs to be in 3.6 seconds to 100 kph accelerating GT-R. But the world Motorsport Federation FIA puts quite high demands on the Safety Car of the formula 1, since in the early 1990s vehicles like a Opel Vectra (in Imola) decelerated the field.

Speed is the trump card

The essential point is that The Safety Car must be able to withstand in the event of a minimum speed so that the tires and brakes the following formula-1-cool vehicles. In addition, the motors should not overheat. Wine plus point for the super sports car such as the Mercedes-AMG GT R, which need not be converted to this purpose, consuming. The GT-R gets a roll cage and a ceramic brake system, exterior feature alongside the film of a light bar on the roof. He is placed on a Carbonhutze, so that the fixed rear wing is still good flows.

This happens on Board of the Safety Cars

Maybe you will have wondered at the formula-1 Transmission: Sits in the Safety Car driver Bernd Mayländer, the look to the front and in the rear-view mirror? Not quite: Mayländer is concentrated on the racetrack, but also a passenger by the name of Richard Darker on Board. Darker keeps radio contact with race control and watched the formula 1 vehicles with two iPads. On the left iPad the international TV Signal. On the right-hand iPad either an animated display with the current Position of each of the pilots, or current lap times can be displayed.

Doctor's car with steam

And yet a car from AMG 1 of the game: The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S T-model with 510 HP as a "Medical Car in formula". At the wheel of a racing driver Alan van der Merwe is sitting, his passenger is the Deputy medical FIA delegate Ian Roberts. In the rear, up to two assisting physicians, take place. You come from a specially-selected clinic near the race track. As in the Safety Car, the passenger has two iPads, in the trunk, among other things, a Defibrillator and a breathing device. And why the "Medical Car" is still behind the field of the racing car? Now, it is resting in the start-up round afterwards, because all the cars in this Phase are very together and tight and the risk of accidents is particularly high. Then it turns into the pit lane, where, together with the Safety Car ready to Park.(rh)