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Stuttgart, 29 November 2016

To give a much-needed boost of electric vehicles, the automotive companies take things now apparently in the hands. BMW, Daimler, Ford and the VW Group Audi and Porsche are planning a joint venture for the construction of a new, European high-performance infrastructure for electric vehicles. So, the most powerful charging network for electric vehicles in Europe is to be built. It is planned to "to build a considerable number of charging stations within a short time and significantly increasing as the long-distance suitability of e-mobility." It was an important step to establish it in the mass market.

Several thousand charging points

In the first step, for example wants to establish 400 locations in Europe. The construction should begin already 2017. Manufacturers plan thousands of publicly available high-performance charging points along high-traffic thoroughfares and highways by 2020. The new infrastructure to support a charge rate of up to 350 kW and significantly shorter make loading operations than ever before. You would develop further loading that's similar to comfortably works like conventional refuelling, in the future it is called manufacturer page. By comparison, currently charging services are kW common to the 50. Charging stations built Tesla's in Europe download with up to 120 kW.

In the coffee break in future

Common ground for the new fast charging network is the so-called combined charging system (CCS). It should supply much faster electric vehicles, as is the case with the previous fast charging stations. "We want to create a network, with a coffee break enough to our customers of load on longer trips", says Audi Chief Rupert Stadler and, adds: "A reliable quick charge range plays a key role, so that customers opt for an electric car". All vehicles that are equipped with the CCS standard can use brand-independent to the charging network. This should help to increase the acceptance of electric vehicles in Europe. (black & white)