Alfa Romeo is working on another supercar based on an old model

A successor to the 33 Stradale will be available in 2026

Using old designs to make new cars look great. Lotus shows that it is possible with the Type 66. Alfa Romeo does the same with the wonderful 33 Stradale. Apparently the supercar is such a big hit that Alfa Romeo decides to start another such project. Alfa has asked buyers of the 33 Stradale which model from yesteryear should serve as inspiration for the new supercar.

Stellantis strategic projects boss Cristiano Fiorio is the leader of a new branch within Alfa Romeo. Internally, this special division is called 'Bottega', which in this context means 'workshop' or 'studio'. De Bottega is responsible for the construction of the 33 Stradale and its upcoming brother. That successor should be ready in three years.

Which Alfa icon will be the source of inspiration?

Fiorio tells Autocar that there are four old models that received the most votes. Fiorio will keep it to himself for now which models these are. So we can only guess which model will get a new life. How about a contemporary version of the Giulia TZ from the sixties? Or should Alfa still release the Carabo concept car? Or does the Bottega turn the chunky Alfa Romeo SZ into a supercar? We'll keep an eye on it.