About three meters high pick -up drives new speed record

Auburn Hills (Michigan / USA), December 17, 2014

99.10 miles per hour (mph ) may have been another impressive pace in the last century. But still you can put up with this small car speed record pace ?? when it comes to special vehicles. Driver Mark Hall now broke with the Raminator the previous Guinness record for monster trucks, which stood at 96.8 mph. And a monster truck is not playing aerodynamically just in Formula-1 - League: This vehicle has wheels that are as large as an adult.

Over 2,000 hp

The Raminator belongs to the "Hall Bros Racing " team to the next driver Mark Hall and his brother Tim as team boss counts. As the second car of the team, Rammunition, the Raminator based on a Ram 1500 2013 with modified heavy-duty suspension. It rolls on 66-inch wheels, is about three meters high and weighs about 4.5 tons. It is powered by a supercharged 9.3 - liter HEMI V8 with over 2,000 hp.

By Donut to Wheelie

The Hall Brothers chose for their record Hall 3.4 miles long the Circuit of the Americas in Austin ( Texas). Normally, monster trucks are seen at specific races. Typically occur here only two teams in a hall on bare concrete floor against each other ?? for safety on parallel roads. Often close freestyle demonstrations on, which Donuts, jumps and wheelies include, but are also rolling over smaller vehicles. Among the best known of this car monster include the original monster truck, which is based on a pickup truck Ford F-Series Bigfoot, and vehicles like the Batman, the Airforce Afterburner or the Grave Digger.

Also worthy Transportation

With the US car brand Ram has the Raminator way to do only insofar as Ram sponsors the team. The independent since 2009 brand offers not only the known pick-ups, formerly Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500 and so on were called, but also quite honest transporter. These include the Promaster ?? a US version of the Fiat Ducato ??, the Promaster City ?? a umgebadgeter Fiat Doblo ?? and the pickup truck - van C / V Tradesman, based on the Dodge Grand Caravan . ( sl)