A SUV-Van for Europe?

Jakarta (Indonesia), 10. August 2017

Have you ever been in Bumi Serpong Damai in the vicinity of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta? No? Currently would be worth a trip maybe, because there will be held from 10. up to 20. August 2017, the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Mitsubishi shows the new Xpander, which mixes elements of a van with those of a SUV. Whether or not the vehicle is also used for the European market?

The SUV look ...

Why Van and SUV? According to the manufacturer, the car is supposed to be for all the people that a vehicle wishes to adventure screaming appearance of SUVs and at the same time the space of a van to appreciate it. The Front reminds, therefore, not without reason, at other Mitsubishi SUV models such as the Outlander, the Pajero or the new Eclipse Cross. A three-piece lighting joins with each of the units for the LED daytime running lights, the headlights and the fog lamps. At the rear, the openwork C-pillar and the angle-shaped LED taillights. This 16-inch wheels rotate in the wheel arches, the ground clearance is just under 21 inches and finished in the indicated SUV Look.

The Van Space Utilization ...

We come to the dimensions: The Xpander is 4,48 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.70 meters high. For comparison: A VW Tiguan is with 4.49 meters in length and 1.84 meters wide, slightly larger. Only the height of 1.64 meters makes the wolf Burger flat. Nevertheless, the VW can come up with only five seats, whereas the Xpander for up to seven people. The third row is in a ratio of 50:50 in the trunk floor to sink, the second row can be folded down in the ratio of 60:40, so that a flat load space is created. The size of the Cargo compartment, the manufacturer is not quantified, however.

It may be a bit of comfort?

The rudimentary comfort features includes a total of 16 bottle holder according to Mitsubishi "low noise level in the interior", a panoramic windscreen, Keyless Go and a "quiet but powerful air conditioning". In terms of Infotainment, a Display between the classic round instruments and a LED display screen is equipped with the Xpander in the center console. The Entertainment unit can be paired with a Smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition, each seat has storage space for a Smartphone, each row of seats, a 12-Volt port and a USB charging socket in the entire car there is also.

Easier To Drive Stang

Is driven of the Xpander from a 1.5-Liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 16 valves and 105 HP. Is coupled to the engine with a five speed manual or a four-speed automatic. The force of the front motor is supplied exclusively to the front wheels. Further, the manufacturer delivers. He speaks only of a "good Performance, low consumption and low emissions".

Premiere, launch, price, EU-opportunities

On the market the Mitsubishi Xpander comes shortly after the Premiere of the first in Indonesia, where he will also be built. 80,000 copies per year leave the production. The starting price is about 189 million rupees (approximately 12,000 euros). The range-topping hits with good 245 million rupees (15,500 euros) to beech. To Indonesia, the car will conquer gradually more markets in Asia. And Europe? Here is the Xpander could be, especially in the East interesting. In Central and Western Europe, we do not expect but for the time being, with the establishment of the SUV-Vans.(ml)