60 exclusive 911 copies

Atlanta (USA), January 23, 2015

A special birthday is always a very good reason for unusual gifts: Back in 2005, Porsche had to celebrate a fiftieth birthday. In 2015, Porsche is now celebrating the 60th anniversary of the "Porsche Club of America " and has prepared a rare gift for the members.

In " Club Blue " painted

The basis for this exclusive club gift is the current Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Technically unchanged from the GTS - series model, christened GTS Club Coupe Special Edition is equipped with optical subtleties. The 430-horsepower Porsche was, for example, in the color " Club Blue " finish, which is otherwise not found in the Zuffenhausen - color palette.

Exterior changes

The club model comes with exterior mirrors in sports design, black framed bi-xenon headlamps and black tinted tail lights. The body was supplemented by a fixed rear spoiler, a new front fascia and the 44 millimeter wider Carrera 4 body kit. In addition, the Club Coupe is on a two-tone wheels in 20 inch format.

Lettering and embossed

The interior is based on the description of the GTS - line. In addition, the center armrest is decorated with a stamped "60" and the carbon strip above the glove compartment of the word " GTS Coupe Club 60 Years Porsche Club of America ".

Limited to 60 vehicles

The GTS Coupe Club will meet in June 2015 to the US market and cost $ 136,060, which works out at around 117,800 euros. The bad news: Of the 60 planned vehicles are sold 59 copies to the club members. This is a vehicle that is not sold, raffled Porsche, also to the members of the club.

German counterpart in 2012

In Germany, founded in 1952 stands at 13 enthusiasts the first German Porsche Club. This also 60th anniversary celebrated the sports car manufacturer in 2012 in two ways: First, there was the Stuttgart Porsche Museum is hosting a special twelve exclusive Porsche cars, was on the other hand also a limited edition of 13 copies Special model to 911- Carrera S-base for German Club members offered . (ml)