5.70 meters: A huge luxury Coupé

Stuttgart/Pebble Beach (United States), 19 August 2016

Every year in August the global classic car fan community meets in Pebble Beach, California. Here also the vision Mercedes Maybach shows 6, a huge luxury-class Coupé.

Only 1.33 metres high

The design study is extremely long with 5.70 meters. The proportions are elegant: followed by a far back cabin behind a long bonnet, the roofline is low. With 1.33 metres, height is the Coupé for the elderly rather unfit. The body should have good aerodynamic properties without spoilers. The red paint is combined with chrome strips, which emphasize the edges. The grill with fine, vertical Struts is unusual for a Maybach. The 24-inch wheels make a further development of the Aero rim of concept ILO (intelligent aerodynamic automobile) dar. The transparent, red surface releases the views on the underlying aluminium spokes. The double doors are another highlight. The tail is reminiscent of a luxury yacht. Slot-like taillights emphasize the width, about tiny sitting "Split Window"-rear Windows.

360-degree lounge

Inside swings the instrument panel on the door panel up in the seats and created as a "360-degree lounge". Colour cool white dominated, light Elm wood on the ground is reminiscent of yachts. There is a specially designed two-piece luggage set in the front luggage compartment. The instruments are classical round instruments with normal pointers, but gliding over a display at first glance. There's an another wide display that is integrated in a surrounding part of the glass. On it, the seat will be shown left of the driver which can be set with a touch function. The windscreen serves as a transparent display in the meaning of augmented reality. Here, driving data and location information will be displayed, controlled and adjusted using gestures.

Body sensors for more comfort

So-called "body sensor displays" scan passengers and monitor including their vital functions. So can the seat air conditioning or massage automatically enabled or adapted the shape of the seat to the passenger. Also, the sensors embedded in the pad capture the incidence of light, the color of the clothes and the ambient temperature. Based on this information, emotionally appropriate lighting scenes can be present. The study also provides an autonomous mode, but Daimler remains guilty for details.

Electric drive with 750 HP

The vision Mercedes Maybach 6 is designed as a electric car. Four electric motors provide a four-wheel drive with a total of 750 HP. This allows a standard Sprint in under four seconds, the pace will be limited as usual to 250 km/h. The battery in the subsoil saves energy, sufficient for about 500 kilometers about 80 kilowatt hours. DC loading based on the CCS standard (combined charging system) loading performance of up to 350 kilowatts are possible. So, the rest range can be improved in just five minutes to about 100 km. Also Inductive charging is intended.

The fourth series distant Mercedes study

Premiere celebrates the Mercedes Maybach 6 at Monterey car week (16 to 21 August 2016) and then at the nearby Pebble Beach Concours d' Elégance on August 21. The study is the first luxury Coupé in the series the series far Mercedes show cars. So far include vision EnerGForce (Los Angeles, November 2012), AMG vision Gran Turismo (Sunnyvale, 2013) and vision of Tokyo (Tokyo 2015). (sl)