367 Moose strengths for Sweden-Renner

Cologne, April 4, 2016

Touring car racing and Fleet Street models go together like K├Âttbullar and fries in the blue-and yellow furniture store. You will notice after Sweden. Specifically, to Volvo to Gothenburg. The brand that 2016 is PoleStar TC1 the S60 for the first time in the European Touring Car Championship WTCC, offering now also the appropriate series-derivatives of the 60s series. Curtain on S60 and V60 with PoleStar tuning and decent performance.

Now with 376 HP

The heart of the new PoleStar models is the revised four-cylinder engine. The two-litre turbo unit develops connecting rods and camshafts, a larger air intake thanks to a larger loader, new and now 367 hp. combined Sprint both S60 and V60 a more powerful fuel pump with a four-wheel drive and an improved eight-speed automatic transmission in 4.7 seconds from zero to 100. In addition to the performance that rises to 61 HP, the torque rises by 400 to 470 nm.

Finest driving dynamics components

The two new models of pole star, in the WTCC both the basis for the race car as well as for the safety-car form, slim about 20 kilograms compared to their predecessors. In addition, there are new 20-inch alloy wheels, a new calibrated power steering and new slotted brake discs with a diameter of 371 mm. Icing, there's the Swedish suspension specialists of Ohlins adjustable shock absorbers.

PoleStar is on it, is also the PoleStar

For an adequate look front splitter, rear spoiler and diffuser were revised. In the Interior you can see on the sport seats and the blue stitching on steering wheel, floor mats, door panels and armrests that you're sitting in one of the new models of the pole star. (mf)