350 all wheel HP in the Fiat 500

Rome (Italy), 13. November 2017

On the Turin Motor Show in June 2017, Giannini Automobili showed a Fiat-500-tag, which remains definitively in the memory. Of the 350 GP called Mega-dwarf was about twice as wide as the output product, had rear-wheel drive and a 350 HP tuned 1.8-Liter, four-cylinder Turbo from the Alfa Romeo 4C in the rear. Now Bauer from Rome comes the automobile with an Evolution of his little monster around the corner. And the 350 GP4 was, as you can see on the door graphics in the ' 80s style to a grippigen all-wheel-drive advanced.

Not the strongest of the Fiat 500

A weitererer big difference between the two cars relates to the Position of the motor. The Giannini 350 GP4 the Alfa slipped-4C-unit back in the original position, that is to say: to the front. This also allowed the re-installation of the rear bench. On the engine itself, nothing will change, meanwhile, is, as before, the 350-HP Version, the drives in the 350-GP-rear-wheel drive car on the loose. Who knows in the crazy world of the Fiat 500 Tunings, know, however, that this is by no means the strongest of the 500, one gets for (absurd amounts of) money. The "Ares" in keeping with Abarth 500, the German tuning house Pogea Racing is making, namely, 405 HP.

Carbon Macrolon

Pogeas Kraftgnom looks, however, much more harmless than the width Giannini 350 GP4. The get in its current stage of expansion, a Carbon Splitter on his hearty Front screwed. Extra carbon fiber also can be found on the mirror caps, as well as the bottom part of the powerful rear fender flares. Force of sheer will demonstrate the massive roof spoiler, as well as the XXL-diffuser, with its dangerous red fins (suitable to the very dangerous-looking red exhaust tail pipes). Less weight and even more racing look promise the Makrolon discs of the Abarth Biposto.

Predecessor already costs about 150,000 euros

Is the cost of the Giannini 350 GP4 still nothing so far penetrated to the light of day. However, the rear-wheel-driven variant is already 153.000 euros. All the Details and a final price of want to call Giannini, after the test phase of the car is finished.(sw)