1969 world star Charger for sale

Stoneleigh Park (UK), 16. February 2018

As a 1969 Dodge Charger in itself wasn't reason enough, the out your own money account is empty. Now, in this very special Charger, the urge will be to immediately spend money, even a little greater. Under the Hammer, the Muscle Car comes the 24. February 2018 during the "Race Retro Classic Car Sale" in United Kingdom. Provider is Silverstone Auctions. Really interesting it is but when you look in the vehicle letter. In it, two pretty illustrious previous owner: Hollywood Star Bruce Willis, as well as Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay.

Close to the "Bullitt"-Original

Another Plus: The offered Dodge Charger comes to the rogue-car from the legendary 1968 Film "Bullitt" very close. The gloss black paint, a leather interior, the Jay Kay for the optimization of the interior had space to install the equipment list shows a lot of Parallels between this copy and the cult car from the greatest car chase that has seen the cinema.

A gift of Demi Moore

"Die hard"Star Bruce Willis got the Charger as a gift from his first wife Demi Moore, and kept it for ten years. Then singer Jay Kay bought the car and imported it to the UK.

Sought after and often destroyed

But of course a ' 69 Dodge Charger is also without the world-famous former owner, a very good Investment. Cars from this model year are among the rarest and most wanted. The majority of the production was to follow during the 145-production of the cult series "The Dukes of Hazard," will be destroyed. Thanks to numerous appearances in the famous productions of the Charger of 1969 is now an icon of pop culture, and demands a corresponding price premium. Also, Ex-TopGear presenter Richard Hammond has until 2003 to 69-Charger-owners.

£ 25,000 just for the engine

The extensively documented history of this car contains various proofs and invoices of Work carried out, after the car touched British soil. Jay Kay invested alone a good 25,000 pounds (about 28,000 euros) for the restoration and optimization of the motor. This is a 8.2 l V8 that is connected to a Chrysler three speed automatic. According to the auction house, Jay Kay has spared, in addition, no costs and effort to put this car in a near-perfect (Original)condition.

A real bargain?

The expected sale price of Silverstone Auctions, with 50,000 to 60,000 pounds, i.e., approximately 56,000 to 67,000 euros on there. In view of the overall status and prominence of the previous owner, this price appears nearly like a bargain. Nick Whale, Managing Director of Silverstone Auctions, said: "Apart from the fact that this car has been enjoyed by two global Mega-Stars Bruce Willis and Jay Kay, it is also an incredible specimen. Of course, his famous predecessor, will pique the interest of bidders around the Globe. These are also to be welcomed that it is one of the best 1969 Dodge Charger-"Bullitt"-models that are currently offered."(sw)