Mercedes-Benz E 230

The first "real " Mercedes - Benz W210 230 appeared in the series, which was built from 1995 as the successor of the W124. The integral in the E-Class Mercedes-Benz E 230 was a popular variant as a new car in the upper middle class to its competitors such as the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6 and achieved today as a used car still a good sell. Motor end with a four-cylinder 2.3 - liter engine in the W210 sedan is fitted, the up to 215 km / h fast with the resulting 150 hp. Similarly, the Mercedes-Benz E 230 was used from 2007 in the W211 series, but the unit of work built on a V-six-cylinder engine with 2.5 liter displacement and the resulting developed 204 hp reached a high speed of 248 km / h. With 9.2 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers on average, the Mercedes-Benz E 230 sedan economical presented as an above-average performance.