GMC Savana

The Savana is a van by the U.S. automaker GMC and is offered in variants Passenger, Cargo and Conversion. The GMC Savana Passenger is a van that seats up to 15 adult guests. The GMC Savana Cargo van has only two seats, but offers daf √úR a huge load volume, which holds approximately 7,000 liters. The GMC Savana Conversion is a comfortably equipped motor home with space for up to seven people. When the engine variants one has the choice between V6 and V8 engines, the other is even an eight-cylinder diesel variant. The base engine is the 4.3-liter six-cylinder engine, the GMC Savana delivers 195 hp, than diesel even respectable 250 hp. The top version with the V8 petrol engine delivers 300 bhp. The optional permanent all-wheel drive ensures active safety, the switch accepts a four-speed automatic. The GMC Savana is also available in a version with an extended wheelbase. Since 2006, with the GMC Savana FlexFuel a version that can be run on ethanol. Interested in a cheap van? Whether mini - or minibus, my two-wheel drive or 4x4, with this website, you are guaranteed to find the right vehicle.