Jeep Cherokee #16

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Jeep Cherokee Facelift unveiled

Frankfurt, 19. December 2017 What you see here are the first pictures of the facelifted Jeep Cherokee. The terrain-potent mid-class SUV is since 2013 on the market, and polarized life, with its habituation...

Military green and comfortable

Frankfurt, August 31, 2016 In the year 2016, the car brand Jeep celebrates 75th birthday. It is not surprising that the legendary brand seizes the chance and due to the large number hangs up an anniversary...

Overview in the SUV jungle

Hair, 15 April 2016 Bentley, Maserati or even seat: More and more manufacturers enter the SUV business. Car buyers, there, hard to keep track. As a guide, there is as of today the new SUV special edition...

Jeep: Seven cool off-roader

Frankfurt / Main, March 24, 2015 The "Easter Jeep Safari" is one of the largest off-road events in the world. Thousands of SUVs fans flock to Moab in Utah to put their skills and capabilities of their...

Asking for Jeep Everything else superfluous

Everything else superfluous Although almost every manufacturer now a SUV or SUV has the program that " True " will not superfluous. On the contrary: Jeep makes good business, the model Cherokee already...

Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Wimp? Not at all!

Wimp? Not at all! New look, no axle, modern assistance systems and good processing: If the new Cherokee still a real Jeep? We tried it. About the design of the new, early April debuting Jeep Cherokee...