Chrysler New Yorker

The Chrysler New Yorker is a sedan and a coupe from the car class and looks back on a long-running tradition in mass production. The production of the Chrysler New Yorker as new cars began in 1939 with the C23 series, which was sold as a sedan and two-door coupe. The Chrysler New Yorker was the metropolis signal the special position of the Group and stylize what is feasible in the upper class. This is followed by the following series based around the Chrysler New Yorker C26, C30 / C36 and coveted vintage series C39N and C63 to C72 models ranging well into the 50s. Beginning of the 60s appeared with the Chrysler New Yorker C76, the first car with tail fin before mid-1960, resorted again to the classic design. Beginning of the 80s the principle of V8 engines was broken, the first Chrysler New Yorker appeared with a four-cylinder. The built 1993-1997 model of the Chrysler New Yorker decided the story as large sedan. Even today can be found on Chrysler New Yorker or the Chevy Impala popular classic cars on Germany's roads.