BMW 503

The BMW 503 was developed together with the BMW 507 in 1954. The second draft of Goertz, the BMW 503 came to the same as a coupe and as a convertible. But it took until 1956 before the two new top models actually were delivered to customers. First, the BMW 503 : In June, the delivery of the new dream coupé, whose technique had significantly more tender parts of the sedan and thus faster to develop serial production was started. So you had 502 over almost the entire frame and chassis design from BMW. The BMW 503 was based on a " full frame protection," said box frame. The front half axles were performed on two wishbones, which were stored in needles. Through this technique, a low-friction bearings particularly sensitive response of progressive suspension resulted. The turn was the BMW 503 from each one lengthwise, very long torsion bar. Unusual was the shock absorber assembly : attached to the lower wishbones all outside, they introduced obliquely upward and inward relied on the upper suspension arm. So they had no contact with the suspended body of the BMW 503 and could therefore not transmit noise. To drive the BMW 503, the latest generation of the BMW eight-cylinder engine, but with 140 hp (120 hp otherwise) served. Such as the BMW 503 sports coupe should simply offer more than the sedan. Who wants to buy a new or used car, you should look at this website. You'll also find rare coupes such as the BMW 503