BMW i3 Coupe

The BMW i3 Coupe is a sporty offshoot of the i3 and designed to cover as a two-door designed with deep body and due to its dynamic acting outfits another target group for the electric car. Technically also builds the BMW i3 Coupe on a passenger cell made from carbon. The drive of the BMW i3 Coupe as a new car directly taken : The rear axle has a 170 hp electric motor that provides a virtually permanent applied torque of 250 Nm for plenty of momentum. Various cells as a power lithium-ion batteries are installed under the floor of the BMW i3 Coupe, which provide in addition to the necessary power for a very good road over the low center of gravity of the BMW i3 coupe. Around 150 kilometers of track to the electric car can be bridged with a single charge and up to 150 km / h maximum speed accrues. Sporty is also the sprint performance of the electric car : From the state of the BMW i3 Coupe accelerates within 8 seconds to 100 km / h from rest to 60 barely takes more than four seconds. At a range extender (extended range over a small gasoline engine generates electricity for the batteries, for example, as the Opel Ampera waived the coupe BMW i3 and stylized in this way to the city car.