BMW 745

The BMW 745 is an elegant sedan from the BMW 7 Series and first appeared in 1980 in the E23 series in appearance. The current vintage has to drive developed a series of six-cylinder 251 hp and the BMW 745 up to 227 km / h makes fast and was a standard ABS braking system brought in extra security. As the top model of yesteryear largest BMW 7-Series and the Audi was 500 SEL 200 control a potent competitor to the Mercedes-Benz and enrich the luxury car class. In 1986 following the BMW E32 squad was 745 not apply (alternative BME 750i with 299 hp) and was launched again in 2001 appearing until 7 Series from BMW (E65). Of up to 2005 with a V8 petrol engined BMW 745, which delivered 333 hp from a 4.4 liter displacement, it has already produced a top speed of 250 km / h Since the engine change in autumn 2005, the BMW 745 is available only as a used car, because the 7 series since the 750i is fitted as an alternative.