BMW 524

The BMW 524 is a vehicle from the middle class and was first launched in 1983 as a sedan with a diesel engine car on the market and produced at the BMW E28 series. In addition to a naturally aspirated diesel engine (84 hp) with mainly the BMW 524 was turbocharged (115 hp) is extremely popular. The BMW 524 was in this version, with a top speed of 184 km / h the fastest turbo-diesel engine in the world and also been impressed with a fuel consumption of 7-9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The BMW 524 was also made in the E34 series until 1991 and continued to make 115 hp was achieved with the help of a turbocharger. With this BMW 524 the maximum speed to 194 km / h has been extended, the maximum torque of 220 Nm stylized a new or used BMW 524 an ideal towing vehicle for caravans or trailers. From the year 1991, the BMW 524 was turbodiesel from 525 td tds or replaced, the latter achieved an output of 143 hp. If you are looking for a BMW 524 cars to buy a car, you will find this website certainly the right vehicle.