Wiesmann Roadster

The Wiesmann Roadster is a two-seat, open-top sports car that is being built since 1993 in Dülmen / Westphalia in by hand. The Wiesmann Roadster combines the classic design with the latest technology, so the body consists for example of glass fiber reinforced composite material, and the motors and gears all come from BMW. The Wiesmann Roadster is built in two versions: as a roadster MF 30, which makes 231 hp and a 3.0 liter BMW six-cylinder engine and reaches a top speed of 230 km / h, and as a Wiesmann MF3, the is equipped with the 343 hp 3.2 liter BMW M3 engine and accelerates in 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / hr. The maximum speed of the Wiesmann Roadster MF3 is electronically limited to 255 km / h. If you want to buy a new or used car, you should look at this website. Here you will find, among other sports car like the Wiesmann Roadster as a New or Used car of the year as well as in all variants.