VW Touran TSI EcoFuel

As a family van, the VW Touran has captured many hearts since it offers plenty of space for kids in tow and can meet any requirement of everyday life with its diversified engine range. Especially for bargain hunters, the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel is thought the van but can be powered by either natural gas or gasoline and taking it next to a large sphere also very good fuel economy. This is achieved by the 1.4 - liter TSI, which can be developed 150 hp turbocharged and operated very agile despite the small displacement. In addition to the good performance of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel particularly impressed with good fuel economy, as only 4.7 kg of verkonsumiert to 100 km when operating with natural gas. Also, can convince the CO2 emissions of 129 g / km contributes the EURO 5 standard fully met and a favorable taxation of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel. VW usual, the family van with all optional extras and equipment lines of the series can be equipped to provide the family a suitable van. Made since the early 2009 VW Touran TSI EcoFuel is a wanted car and is affected by the bivalent natural gas drive with a petrol and low depreciation.