VW Polo R-Line

The VW Polo R - Line is a small car that can be ordered as a new car since December 2012. With the VW Polo R-Line, the Wolfsburg Group aims to create a bridge to the Polo GTI and make the small cars available for all other engines with superior equipment. Featuring the VW Polo R-Line is equipped with a roof spoiler and a sporty front spoiler gives a sporty look. Also, include 16-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment. The interior of a new or used VW Polo R-Line is classy so than in the Comfort Line : From the GTI extracted sport seats, a black headliner and steering wheel, gear lever and hand brake handle in leather complete the VW Polo R-Line car with a sporty character. The best: The VW Polo R - Line can be configured with all available engines (except GTI). Thus, the base unit, the 1.2 petrol engine and 60 hp with the R-Line equipment may already be fitted. Strongest version of the VW Polo R - Line are the diesel 1.6 TDI and the 1.2 TSI with 105 hp each.