VW Touareg R-Line

Since February 2011, the large SUV from Volkswagen as the VW Touareg R-Line cars is available. The SUV, also based on the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 is now to make the package more sporty flair in the VW Touareg R-Line. In addition to 20 - inch alloy wheels of the VW Touareg R-Line is equipped at the factory with a matte black rear diffuser, a roof spoiler and oval shaped tailpipes and so completes the rear area from much sportier. Furthermore adorn striking side skirts and chrome door Besatze the lateral view of the VW Touareg R-Line. Also, the front end of the SUV will benefit from a Aufhübschung with a sporty character : With a new spoiler lip the look of the VW Touareg R-Line now looks more aggressive and gives the potential of the SUV. R-Line also typically adapts to the interior of the VW Touareg R-Line : In addition to fine leather electric sports seats in the VW Touareg R-Line is a heated multi-function steering wheel and pedals, which is made of stainless steel. Except for the Touareg V6 Hybrid, all models of the SUV with the R-Line outfit can be combined. For the VW Touareg R-Line cars, this means a higher resale value if you want to part with this vehicle.

Technical details

VW Touareg R-Line photos