Skoda Octavia Greenline

What is the parent company of the Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion, is available on the Czech subsidiary Skoda Octavia GreenLine than new cars. Equipped with a modified 1.6 - liter TDI engine stylized the Skoda Octavia GreenLine whether as a sedan or Combi for saving champion in its class. The combined fuel consumption of new cars Skoda Octavia Greenline sets the bar with average 3.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers at fairly high. The CO ² levels are 99 g / km for the Saloon and 109 g / km for the Skoda Octavia Combi GreenLine very moderate areas. The 105 hp of the common-rail diesel meet to accelerate to 100 km to the Skoda Octavia GreenLine within 11.3 seconds. Also the top speed of 192 km / h is impressive despite the austerity measures and make the Skoda Octavia GreenLine cars at a comfortable tourer. Besides the optimization of the diesel engine of the Skoda Octavia GreenLine is supplied from the factory with optimized rolling resistance tires, Star-stop system and regenerative braking (braking energy recovery), which combi and sedan to popular Skoda Octavia Greenline stylized car.

Technical details

2010 1.6 Diesel 105 HP Station Wagon
Series 2010 - 2013
Types Station Wagon, Hatchback
Engine capacity 1598 cm³
Performance 105 HP (77 kW)
Top speed 191 km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 11,6 sec
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Drive front
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5
Body type Station Wagon
CO2 emissions 107 g/km
Environmental zone 4
Emission Class Euro 5
Fuel Diesel
Consumption according to the manufacturer 5,3 l/100km (city) 3,5 l/100km (highway) 4,1 l/100km (total)
Actual consumption --
Length 4,57 m
Width 1,77 m
Height 1,45 m
Boot volume 605 l
Empty weight 1405 kg
Payload 600 kg
Price 521
Insurance class 16 HF / 22 TK / 18 VK

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