Peugeot 608

With the Peugeot 608, the French PSA Group wants to enrich the particular car class, with a new combination and the Mercedes-Benz R-class opposed an adequate competitor. The Peugeot 608 is thus delivered as a shooting brake combined with luxurious facilities as a new car and will be delivered in addition to conventional drive concepts as well as a hybrid vehicle. Almost two meters wide and a vehicle length of 4.95 meters bring to the occupants plenty of room for those traveling by car Peugeot 608. The Peugeot 608 has been designed on the HX 1 anabolic study from 2009 and is modeled on to the modern design. The driving range of the Peugeot 608 new and used cars ranging from the basic model with 163 hp and diesel engine up to 275 hp V6 petrol payable. For bargain hunters, the Peugeot should represent 608 new cars with hybrid technology is the best choice : The diesel engine with an output of 204 hp is supported by a newly developed electric motor delivers the power of 95 hp at the automatic transmission and especially in stop and go traffic, the to press fuel consumption below 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.