NISSAN Vanette

The Nissan Vanette was produced early 90s and was available as a transporter and as a seven-seater minibus Vanette SLX. Due to its compact dimensions and its generous space available, the Nissan Vanette was popular with craftsmen as vans and families as a generous van. The large sliding door of the Nissan Vanette allows easy loading and unloading of bulky objects. By folding the third row of seats, luggage compartment capacity of Nissan Vanette SLX can be extended to also traveling with lots of luggage is not a problem anymore. Great popularity of the Nissan Vanette Diesel enjoyed with a power of 67 hp. In 1996, the agile NISSAN truck a facelift and was henceforth operate under the Nissan Vanette Cargo. You want to buy a car? If you are looking for a compact van or minibus, so you are sure to find it on this website.