End of the 80s was the Nissan Urvan, which was available as a panel van or truck, as well as minibus, to the automotive market. Compact dimensions and large interior space making the Nissan Urvan one of the most popular van in its time. Both versions of the Nissan Urvan, both the van and the bus (combi), were in a Short (Short Urvan) and a long version (Urvan Long) available. The motors had the buyer the choice of the Nissan Urvan 2.3 Diesel 69 bhp, the Nissan Urvan-2.5 diesel engine with 80 hp and the 2.4 - Nissan Urvan petrol engine with 101 hp. All vehicles are equipped with a manual transmission. If you are interested in a used van or van, as you are at this website exactly the right place. Here you will find the Nissan Urvan as a bus or van, diesel or petrol, in the short or long version to absolute top conditions.