The Nissan Quest - from 2004 - was developed in North America and is the first of four new models, which will be built at the new plant in Canton (Mississippi). The quest to connect with his, according NISSAN fundamentally new concept, the well-known strengths of minivans such as functionality, versatility and spaciousness, with a fresh design and modern technology. Thanks to its 3.5-liter V6 unit with more than 230 hp and a torque of over 318 Nm and the new independent suspension, the new Quest shines with good acceleration and safe handling. An innovation in the Nissan Quest is available as optional equipment Skyview roof. This system consists of four panoramic glass roof for the second and third row seats, which provide (along with the front glass sunroof) for a pleasant light atmosphere in the interior. Interested in a cheap van? Whether mini - or minibus, with two-wheel drive or 4x4, with this website, you are guaranteed to find the right car.