You know the VW Constellation?

Wolfsburg, 22. January 2018

There's no question that Volkswagen is one of the major automotive corporations in the world. To get there, this is a must-have for every corner of the globe, a tailor-made offer. In the area of passenger Cars VW, for example, in China a completely different Car program than in South America. But it gets even better. Did you know that the VW even full-blown truck with his Logo?

VW Truck-a Tradition in Brazil

Here is the VW Constellation comes into play. Him, the MAN manufactures, a subsidiary of "Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus" since 2005 in the Brazilian city of Resende. 1980 VW launched its commercial vehicle production for Latin and South America to avoid high tariffs and to support local needs. In 2009, THEY took over the factory, before it fell back with the Acquisition of the IT group at VW. So far, So good, but why are there trucks with VW Emblem? The simplified answer: Since 1953, the Wolfsburg-based in Brazil are active and play a role in the country, with 208 million inhabitants is one of the leading Market. VW is extremely well known, the other less.

The Volksbus up to the Constellation

Ergo, YOU sold "Latin America" is very strong TGX trucks, the Rest commercial vehicles, with VW Logo. So there is a "Volksbus" Omnibus, the "Delivery" in the class between five and eight tons, and the "Worker" as a medium-sized Truck. Top model is finally in 2005, introduced the "Constellation" with up to 57 tons of payload and up to six meters wheelbase. The diesel engines donated or have been developed, such as in the case of the VW NGD 370 9.4 liters and 367 HP of power together with YOU. Interestingly, a Constellation prototype VW showed at the IAA commercial vehicles in 2016: He could be operated with natural gas, the range in the pure CNG operation was 200 kilometers.(rh)