You can already configure the BMW iX2… in Fortnite

Children's shooting game becomes car configurator: it can't get any crazier

If Fortnite is a car, it has to be a Tesla. Young people think it's cool while older people grumble about it, it changes the entire industry in which it operates and has many, many strange extras. And both continue to innovate. In the case of the game, you will soon be able to step into a new world called Hypnopolis. On this virtual island you can configure the new BMW iX2. No really.

A while ago some images of the electric BMW X2 appeared. The frame of the kidneys can also provide light in the upcoming Bimmer. For now, you can only see the BMW iX2 prototype in Fortnite. In the game you can see the BMW on a platform and you can fit it with different rims, such as normal five-spoke wheels or something crazy like hamburgers. The rear lights also don't seem ready for production yet.

How can I configure the BMW iX2 in Fortnite?

BMW content guru Pia Schörner shares a trailer of the virtual island on LinkedIn. In addition to renovating the iX2, you can race on a kind of Hot Wheels track. Look, that's something we can use. Always better than dancing twelve year olds declaring war on each other. By the way, you can already land on BMW Island. Use the following code in the game: 3541-0917-2429.