Yet an AMG racing car

Affalterbach, 7 December 2016

You have to let one of the gentlemen in Affalterbach: really get the most out of their own sports car. The AMG-GT family grows and grows and grows. After the GT and the GT S we expect soon the wild bird (and green) GT R, as well as the graceful GT C Roadster. Oh, and in addition to almost inflationary increase its road sports AMG skin now a racing car after the other out. The wild winged, grim-looking AMG GT3 is already among us. Now, with the new AMG GT4, he gets a smaller, slightly less frightening brother.

Not quite as much wing

The AMG GT4 to be of somewhat affordable, easy-to-use AMG racing cars. You can see that alone on the aerodynamics, less haneb├╝chenen, as well as the almost discreet rear wing (which compared with most other things seems still very large). AMG Chief Tobias Moers says: "the development of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is another important step for the continuous expansion of our Mercedes-AMG Motorsport program. The excellent feedback from our customer teams to the AMG GT3 and the increasing interest in GT4 race cars have encouraged us in our decision. We are pleased to attract an even larger target group of amateur and professional riders and teams so that in the future."

Exciting GT4 class

If you were hoping that on specifications, prices or similar there is unfortunately yet. The images are only drawings. Nevertheless, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 to come already 2017 on the circuits of the world to use. And the GT4 class is more and more becoming a very interesting racing environment. In addition to the new AMG can be found there also the Ford Mustang, the Porsche Cayman, the McLaren 570S or the KTM X-bow. (black & white)