Yachts of Mercedes and Aston Martin

Stuttgart/Gaydon (England), 19 April 2016

World premiere on the Côte d'Azur: started before Nice now, the Mercedes-Benz style designed yacht Arrow460 GranTurismo on her maiden voyage. The first specimen appropriately bears the name Mercedes and founded a new boat concept: the "silver arrow of the seas" to combine the advantages of an open boat with a Rumpfkabinenkreuzers. Conceived as a crossover, the Marina offers a high degree of variability and suitable for both day trips and overnight stays, so Mercedes.

Ten of us travelling behind glass or outside

The 14-meter-long boat accommodates up to 10 passengers. It is powered by two diesel engines with 480 HP, which allows a cruising speed of up to 30 knots maximum even more than 40 knots are possible, which corresponds to about 70 km/h. The front part of the yacht is made up of a cabin with retractable side Windows, the rear end is open. The glazing can be electronic analog of "Magic Sky technology" by Mercedes glass roofs in the opacity adjusting. Table and bed inside can be extended if necessary, there is also a wet room and a separate dressing room. In addition to air conditioning, and a high-quality audio system, the yacht even has a "wine cellar" and an ice machine. The yacht was silver arrows Navy in cooperation with the boat builders. Mercedes does not indicate a price.

Open Aston Martin yacht

Aston Martin is introducing a luxury yacht, however fit is significantly more sporty accentuated to the brand. The "power boat" called AM37 was created in collaboration with quintessence boat specialist and was recently on the Milan furniture and design fair "Salone international del Mobile" to see (12th to 17th April 2016). The Mercedes yacht is half closed and half open, the boat from England, basically is completely open, even if there's a cabin in the front part. By a remote-controlled "Schiebedeck" (sliding deck) the Interior of the cab can be protect from thieves and the water: a carbon wall of the rear body of the boat over the range of boat driver and passengers moves at your fingertips. The latter refer to two seats and a bench. The instruments are avant-garde, there is a 15-inch touchscreen Infotainment system operation and a steering wheel with Aston Martin logo for the skipper.

Almost 100 km/h possible

Other features include a fingerprint recognition for the captain, an electric anchor system, a swimming platform at the rear and a lightweight Bimini Sun Hood from carbon fibers, electrically operated. Inside, there is a galley with microwave, coffee machine and refrigerator, a dining table, a sofa bed and a toilet. Two versions are offered: This allows approximately 44 knots (81 km/h) at 37. Here, you have the choice between two 370-Horsepower diesel engines and two 430-HP petrol engines. The AM37 is sporty S, which creates a bit of 52 knots with its two 520-Horsepower gasoline engines are nearly 100 km/h. The Aston Martin yacht end of 2016 comes on the market, also called no price. (sl)