Wow, the sportiest C - Class

Affalterbach, 20 August 2015

Already a few days ago Mercedes has given information and pictures of the new C-Class Coupé known now follow the facts about the sport Hammer AMG C63 coupe. Both models will be on the car show IAA ( 17 to 27 September 2015) for the first time in the spotlight.

Wide fenders, hood extended

As expected, the Mercedes - AMG C63 Coupe differs optically clear from his weaker comrades. From the body of the AMG accepts the way only the roof, the doors and the boot lid. The rest will be reshaped. Flared fenders widen the AMG coupe front to 64, back to 66 millimeters. The voluminous wheel arches allow wheel widths of up to 255 millimeters at the front and 285 millimeters at the rear. The aluminum hood has become 60 millimeters longer and is decorated with two power domes. Powerful front air intakes and special side skirts give the coupe beefy stand in the street. Fall back a diffuser insert, indicated air outlets and two chrome-plated dual exhaust ends in the eye. And a blade-like rear spoiler lip gives the extra sharpness.

Known four-liter V8 biturbo

As already known from the drive C-Class sedan and station wagon four-liter V8 biturbo is used. It delivers 476 or ?? with the suffix " S " ?? 510 hp. The weaker engine catapults the Coupe in 4.0 seconds from zero to 100, the stronger version creates in breathtaking 3.9 seconds. Both versions run 250 km / h fast, there's an extra charge, the " Driver's package " and thus a peak of 290 km / h.

Adaptive suspension adjustable in three stages

The chassis has been fine-tuned and tuned specifically on performance coupé. Standard equipment includes 18-inch model mounted, the S version comes with 19 - inch wheels. Who orders the adaptive Ride Control suspension, can select by pressing in three stages between " Sport " and " Comfort ". According to Mercedes, the difference between the levels is clearly noticeable ?? we're at it hot, try yourself.

With rear axle differential lock

To optimize traction and driving dynamics, gets the C63 Coupé a mechanical rear axle differential lock, with its stronger brother C63 S Coupé is electronically controlled. Both reduce the slip on the inside wheel without the brake engaged. That means a better traction and the ability to earlier herauszubeschleunigen again curves. The ESP can be switched off in a sport mode or completely. But that is not over the choice: With the AMG Dynamic Selec system to parameters such as the switching times of the Speedshift automatic sports transmission, the throttle response, steering and exhaust sound in four stages to focus from comfortable to super sporty. When C 63 S, there is also the dynamic driving program " Race ".

Market launch in March 2016

The launch of the Mercedes - AMG C63 coupe is to take place in March 2016 prices, the manufacturer is not betrayed. The sedan Mercedes - AMG C63 starts at 76,101 euros, the combination is to have from 77 767 euros . ( hd )