Without the apostrophe and with sister model

Frankfurt, 6. February 2018

At the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March), presented to Kia's new Ceed. Read that right: From cee`d Ceed. The apostrophe behind the second "e" is dropped and the Kia dispensed with the lowercase. To start, the dimensions, and similar Details of the third-Ceed-Generation (the second one in 2012) tend to be Kia, but a first Teaser image.

Similarities to the Proceed study of the IAA

The drawing shows a slot-shaped headlights, a deep-drawn front cover, an apron with large air intakes, connecting and, of course, typical of the brand, Grill. The car looks very sporty. According to Kia, the design of the "sports sedan" Stinger is inspired, but the headlights and the bumper remind us more of the "Kia Proceed sport study" by the IAA in 2017. Was designed the third Generation of the CEE'd in the European Kia design centre in Frankfurt. Kia promises of modern technology, new engines and a more dynamic and more sophisticated, driving behavior. We tap on to the elimination of the torque weak suction gasoline and the introduction of a Turbo petrol engine between the 1.0 T-GDI (135 HP) and the 1.6 T-GDI (204 HP), where there is still a performance gap. If the only Diesel (currently 136 HP) receives a successor, he will get a Adblue System and the new emission standard Euro 6d-meet TEMP.

Sister model is also in Geneva

Together with the five-door basic model will be presented at the Kia booth, another member of the new CEE'd family. It could be a Proceed – so far, this was the three-door Version of the Ceed, in the future, it might be more of a Shooting Brake, as he was presented with the IAA study. This Version could then replace at the same time the previous pro_cee'd and the cee'd sports wagon.

Market launch in the summer of 2018

The new Ceed comes at the end of the second quarter of 2018 (i.e., in June) in the trade. Kia stresses that the car was designed in Europe and exclusively for Europe – it is, therefore, a "true European". The new Name (Ceed instead of cee`d) is explained as an abbreviation for "for the Community of Europe, with European Design (for the European Union, with a European Design). Incidentally, this was also already the official statement. In addition, attention was also drawn to the Similarity to the English word seed (seed, seed).(sl)