With wood, leather and special paint

Cologne, June 16, 2016

After the premiere of the new Peugeot 3008 a few weeks ago the French top model now push 3008 GT. Special features and has the most powerful engine in the 3008 are the new GT. Also a "GT line located below the top version" will come.

Fancier look

The 3008 GT is built as a single 3008 two-litre diesel engine strong with a 180 HP. Fender flares, 19-inch wheels, full LED headlights and a Black roof come standard. Optionally, you can configure the GT with a black vehicle rear. The grill in the checkerboard wearing chrome inserts and a stainless steel bangle extends over the entire roof to the rear spoiler. A GT logo on the front wings features the new spearhead.

Luxury Interior

The Interior is enhanced the 3008 as GT with double stitching in copper on the instrument cluster, the door panels, armrests and seats. The latter are covered in Alcantara and leather as standard, can be ordered optionally also with nappa leather. With this, also the flattened steering wheel is taken, the GT logo emblazoned on its lower part. Here, too, there are copper stitching. On the dashboard and the door panels, Peugeot 3008 gt laid real oak. The pedals, the footrest and the door sills are made of stainless steel.

GT line as an alternative

For those who are not can bring to the top-line GT, Peugeot offers the "GT"line, which is based on the standard "Allure". A special front bumper with LED lights and GT Grill can effect the GT line from the front of the top version. The double exhaust screen, Black roof, and the optional two-tone paint complete the picture. The Interior resembles the GT the GT line, must however renounce oak wood and Alcantara.

As of end of October 2016

The market for both versions is scheduled for end of October 2016. The prices for the new 3008 are not yet known. (mf)