Wheelsandmore power Nissan GT-R to „CrankZilla“

Baesweiler, 18. December 2017

Who GT a Nissan GT-R has, it will confirm immediately: What is most need of this car Urgently, are a more eye-catching look and more power. It really must be so, because who will diligently poking around the Internet, I felt, to find a vehicle that was more souped up than the good old "Godzilla". The recent Input on the topic of "do As I GT a Nissan GT-R is still faster" (and more colorful) comes from wheelsandmore and listen to the sonorous name "CrankZilla". The sounds in the booth after too much Power and that's exactly the get the Wheelsandmore GT-R also.

Up to 740 HP

You might remember: According to its most recent Facelift of the Nissan makes GT-R trim already in the Series 570 HP and 637 Newton meters. For the Tuner from the West Bank of the Rhine Baesweiler, apparently, still much too little, because the 3.8-Liter twin-turbo V6, it comes with five different power levels to the leather. Who is with a bit of Software optimization and a air filter Kit and satisfied, and gets 605 HP and 700 Newton meters. The full program, including a new turbocharger, Sportkats, a flap exhaust system, modified Wastegate cans and a stronger fuel pump from the GT-R finally, 740 HP and 900 Newton meters. In between everything is pretty much possible, what is the purse and the confidence in their own mastery of the vehicle to give away. Why not even more? In the net there are lots finally, in front of GT-Rs with some well over 1,000 HP. Not really mobile, says Wheelsandmore-in-chief Sebastian Dohmen. In addition, more Power in terms of everyday usability and reliability simply would not be more serious.

21-Inch Rims

Further Changes to the "CrankZilla"GT-R by Wheelsandmore come in the Form of very large and very bronze forged wheels. The round logs measure 9.5 and 11x21 inches with 255er and 295 Continental tires. In addition, the Tuner height installed adjustable lowering springs, the Nissan GT-R of about 30 mm lower. Prices for the modifications are available on request.(sw)