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Cologne, July 8, 2015

It looked funny from: On the rear door of the Ford EcoSport been enthroned a spare wheel. This annoyed not only the overall look and the view to the rear, but also made the small SUV also about 26 centimeters longer. Now Ford has responded to customer requests and banished the tire. But it has done even more.

More Chic

As standard, the EcoSport comes with a tire repair kit, whereby the tire is omitted at the rear and the car is just 4.01 meters long. Who the sight with spare wheel is better, gets the old solution for 170 euros extra. Especially in the interior Ford has revamped the built in India EcoSport. There is therefore now chrome on the instrument panel and the windows, as well as the ergonomic steering wheel of the Focus. Who orders the Sync multimedia system receives a four-inch color display in the center console. During the year 2015, Navi and a rearview camera are submitted.

Even European

With regard to technology, the ESP and the electromechanical power steering were adapted to European road conditions. When Chassis Ford has modified the spring and damper rates, at the same time insulating the EcoSport is now optimized. The engine range further consists of two petrol and one diesel. In favor of more torque in the lower speed range, the engineers revised the coordination of engines and transmissions.

Diesel with extra force

Entry-level engine is a 1.5 - liter gasoline engine with 112 hp for 17,990 euros. He has as the other units in the factory to a five-speed circuit, but can be ordered as a single with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. Cost: 1,300 euros. The one-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder with 125 hp beats the EcoSport at least 18,990 euros. At least according to the list, in reality Ford lures with more favorable promotional prices. Friends of diesel will in future receive 95 instead of 90 hp, the 1.5 - liter engine officially 20,240 Euro be called . ( rh )