What time does F1 start at Suzuka? And everything about the 2023 Japanese GP

Will Red Bull become champion this weekend?

For the first time this year we saw what F1 would look like if Verstappen and Red Bull were not involved. After a lengthy strategic battle, the Singapore GP ended in an exciting battle between four drivers. Carlos Sainz came out on top by dealing smartly with his competition and broke the winning streak of Verstappen and Red Bull.

Now F1 travels to Suzuka for the 2023 Japanese GP. The Japanese circuit is a real classic. The figure-of-eight was drawn by the Dutchman Hans Hugenholtz on behalf of Honda founder Soichiro Honda. Twelve times a world title has been secured at Suzuka. Verstappen also did this in Japan last year, after some confusion. This year that is not possible. Red Bull Racing can win the constructors' championship next weekend.

What should I know about the 2023 Japanese GP?

Suzuka has several great corners with cool names. We mention the S-curves, Dunlop, Degner 1 and Degner 2, Spoon curve, 130R and the Casio Triangle. The circuit mainly consists of high-speed bends. Exactly the opposite of Singapore. That is why Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen think that the RB19 will do a lot better in Japan.

Behind Verstappen and Pérez we expect it to be exciting again. Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren are terribly close to each other. Perhaps Alpine, Aston Martin or Williams will come into play. It will also be interesting to see what Liam Lawson can do. Nyck de Vries' substitute impressed in Singapore, Zandvoort and Monza. Let's see what Lawson can do on a track he knows well.

Who has a lot at stake?

For the second time this year, Red Bull Racing can secure the constructors' title. To achieve this, Pérez and Verstappen must score one point more than Russell and Hamilton. As an example, let's say Verstappen wins and Russell and Hamilton fill the rest of the podium. Pérez must then finish fifth or higher to win the second consecutive F1 team championship.

In the battle for second place among the constructors, Mercedes now has 289 points and Ferrari 265. This duel could last until the end of the season. The question is: do you want to come second? Yes, you get more money, but also less wind tunnel time in 2024. We are curious whether there are any tinfoil hats who predict that a Ferrari or Mercedes engine will not accidentally explode.

What does Max Verstappen say?

Verstappen says on Verstappen.com : 'With the Singapore race behind us, the team is taking a lot of momentum to Japan. I'm looking forward to racing in Suzuka, it's always great to drive there because there are a lot of fast corners. Suzuka is a super nice circuit to drive on, in my experience. But it is also difficult, you have to get through the corner combinations well. I drove at Suzuka for the first time during a Grand Prix weekend and that alone makes it a special circuit for me.'

What is the weather like at Suzuka in Japan?

Last year the start of the Japanese GP was postponed due to heavy rain. Less severe weather is forecast this weekend. Maybe there will be a drop during training on Friday. It will be very cloudy for Saturday and Sunday, but there should be no rain from the clouds.

What time does F1 start at Suzuka?

Friday1st free practice: 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM2nd free practice: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Saturday 3rd free practice: 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM Qualification: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Sunday Race: 7:00 am