We 'll soon be all RUV?

Livorno ( Italy), December 9, 2014

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder ?? but we all know products to the automotive industry, where we will be quick to agree that one can no longer speak of "beauty" in the proper sense in these troublesome developed products. These include the Fiat Multipla or the Pontiac Aztec. Nevertheless, these cars have also found their buyers, which should confirm the output assertion.

The Opera, a racing Utility Vehicle

Something like it should behave well with Opera. The model is derived from the Italian car manufacturer Vygor. The manufacturer presented at the Bologna Motor Show ( 6 to 14 December 2014) a revised generation of hermaphrodite from GT car and SUV. The vehicle mixture call the developer RUV ( Racing Utility Vehicle) and set up so unceremoniously a new vehicle class.

Outside not the prettiest

Although the Opera of substrate should be developed on new, no significant changes to its predecessor reveal. The shape is very used to. Remain a sideline like a duck's beak and a short and tall, but narrow stern receive and are complemented by polished front and rear aprons including new lighting.

Between 300 and 390 hp

Under the hood is a two-liter gasoline engine is used, which is to come through its turbocharging to an impressive 300 hp. If that's not enough, you can make the performance screw up to up to 390 hp. This provides for a zero - to-100 - sprint in 5.4 seconds and 255 km / h top speed and should the criteria "Racing" or "GT" loosely meet. To fill the letter " u" and " v" in RUV with meaning, built the small Italian Serie wrench double wishbone with a special damping and a permanent all-wheel drive.

individualized interior

The interior can be said at this point anything for certain. What is certain is that the Vygor Opera could be a very individual vehicle. Any wish shall be fulfilled the potential customers. Be it a leather and alcantara or maybe even painted patterns or pictures that adorn, decorate the interior.

The small scale and many customization options will make the Opera certainly no bargain. Already the predecessor should be produced only in a very limited edition and it had a high price of 160,000 euros. This makes the Opera though not beautiful, but rare to some as a possible opponent. Which cars are the one 's at this sight, however more than questionable. A BMW X4 or perhaps a Mercedes GLA ? (ml)