Watch a Tesla Cybertruck tow the engine of a SpaceX rocket

The load weighs almost 1,600 kilos. Can he have it?

Porsche has to transport the personnel and ID. Buzz painted in Renndienst livery. Quite special, because why not just build a Cayenne with an extra row of seats? So neat, right? Elon Musk does use his own products for side activities. For example, a Tesla Cybertruck is used here to move the engine of a SpaceX rocket.

We don't know exactly when you're reading this, but at the time of typing, not one Cybertruck has been delivered yet. We have already seen Elon Musk and other Tesla figures strolling in the pickup. Now the new EV is really being put to work. The cargo should weigh 1,590 kilos. No problem for the Cybertruck, which, according to Tesla, should be able to tow a weight of 6,350 kilos.

The performance we see in the video seems to be quite close to the production model. The comical windshield wiper is already there, just like the triangular mirrors and the luminous stripe on the front. Watch the footage below of the Tesla Cybertruck easily moving an engine of a SpaceX rocket.