Warp drive with over 2,100 HP

Newmarket (England), 29 February 2016

What have in common the Porsche 918 with 887 HP, the Ferrari LaFerrari 963 PS with the McLaren P1 916 HP? They are significantly weaker than a new Super athletes of the British sports car manufacturer Arash.

A V8 and four electric motors

The brand operating earlier under the name of Farboud hybrid presents a 4.65 meters long and only 1.17 meters high hybrid cars with the AF10. A 6.2 liter supercharged V8, which has 912 HP alone have about as much power as the super sports car called ensures the drive. But the newbie four electric motors are added, each 299 HP bring HP 1,196 so along. So you arrive at Pine ausrenkenden 2.108 HP. No hybrid system without batteries, so here is the data: lithium-ion technology, 32 kilowatt hours, maximum power output 880 kW. The latter matches exactly the 1,196 PS installed electric motors performance. In other words:, The battery will deliver enough power to run all electric motors with full force.

Creates more torque than a transmission

The torque is powerful. The incinerator 1,200 nm, and every electric motor sends again 270 Newton meters. Together makes 2,280 Newton meters. It can withstand a terrestrial transmission? Now, in the AF10 is Division of labour: there is not only a gearbox, but five. The V8 is supplied with a six-speed gearbox, manually or with paddles, the electric motors each have a two-speed gearbox.

Now it comes

Everything sounds great? Then we must pour now a little water in the wine. Because the car takes 2.8 seconds for the standard Sprint. This is quite disappointing for a 2,100 Horsepower car, because of only half as strong Porsche 918 is even faster (2.6 seconds). Maybe it's the weight? The chassis is made of carbon and Aramidkunststoff should be only so hard as 658 iPhone 6, and the drive system (called warp drive) can be also not guilty with 280 kilos. But the manufacturer does not call the total weight, and the thing that makes suspect. It could be also a four wheel drive or on the tire you don't know.

For thick bank accounts

But the acceleration issue is ultimately secondary, because only a few are able to afford to the car at all. The AF10 hybrid is available from £ 1.1 million, equivalent to 1.4 million euros. Too much? Well, alternatively there is still the normal AF10 for £350,000, or 445,000 euros. But has no warp drive, but only a conventional V8 with almost boring 558 PS.(SL)