VW Touareg: The he costs

Wolfsburg, 12. April 2018

Technology, such as in the upper class, with a length increase to 4.88 meters and a mighty chrome grille, there's No question, the new VW Touareg aims at enemies in the Premium SUV Segment. It is now known, what it should cost.

Thicker Diesel for the order start

Little, it is not just: a Whopping 60.675 Euro VW calls for the new Touareg, yet 58.400 Euro for a comparable predecessor were required to Touareg. Reason, for the time being, the only available engine, a three liter-V6-Diesel with SCR technology and 286 HP. Including an eight-speed automatic. They distributed 600 Newton meters of maximum torque, which should in particular appeal to friends of the trailer operation. The other equipment lines of the Touareg hot "Atmosphere" (66.355 Euro), "Elegance" (66.755 Euro) and "R-Line" (73.315 Euro). Of course, there is no lack of tools: 1.950 Euro, air suspension with automatic level control, height adjustment and electronic damper control. 650 euros must be estimated for the off-road package, with up to 3,500 euros, the so-called Innovision-Cockpit side. Here, a 12-inch instrument display and a 15-inch Touchscreen in the center console to connect to a surface.

More engines to follow by mid-2018

Shortly after the market launch at the end of June 2018 further engines for the new VW Touareg to follow. On the Diesel side, the three-liter V6 with 231 HP and four-liter V8 with 421 HP. For those who prefer a petrol engine can pick up the three-liter V6 with 340 HP. We have a short view to the competition: 60.675 Euro, the announcement of the Touareg. The structurally related Audi Q7 features a 3.0 TDI 272 HP for 64,400 the Euro, Mercedes lists the 258-horsepower GLE 350d 4matic with 65.331 Euro.(rh)