VW Sedric as the Autonomous progenitor

Frankfurt, 14. September 2017

The Sedric must be extremely important: at the Geneva auto salon in 2017, VW has shown the study, and then again at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2017. At the group evening at the car trade fair, the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017) Sedric now again in the center.

The progenitor of a whole family of models

So what is new? Only the paint? While the Geneva Version, in Black-and-White design, reminded me a little of a Panda bear, painted the new finish in matte gray-black. The red and white stripes are not rally stripes, but a "tongue-in-cheek reference to the opportunities for customization," says VW. Really new, however, is that Sedric will serve as the progenitor of a whole model family. Further studies from the sports cars, the luxury sedan to the light commercial vehicle and the truck will follow. Presents VW in Los Angeles Sedric convertible in Detroit Sedric SUV and, in Geneva, 2018 Sedric coupe? You can look forward to the next measure.

Electric, connected, and Autonomous

Sedric, no study of the brand VW, but the first concept vehicle of the group. The concept combines an electric drive based on the Modular electrification kit (MEB), a digital networking and fully Autonomous Driving on Level 5. Hence the Name Sedric for a SElf-DRIving Car. The vehicle may be called by the user around the clock – for example, via a remote control, the "Volkswagen OneButton" or via an App on the phone. Then Sedric rolls and transported to the customer on request, door-to-door. The blind, elderly and sick people and children can be as individually mobile. And you win Enjoy time to read, Learn, Relax, Play, Work – on average, it should be about 38,000 hours per nose.

A gondola lift as a technology carrier

The vehicle looks more like the gondola of a ski lift than a car. The portal-like doors should be inviting, Lounge-like atmosphere in the interior without a steering Wheel and pedals allows the occupants a relaxing and comfortable ride with an unobstructed view through large window areas and a variety of infotainment program. The function of the Sedric is a technology carrier. To him the future technologies are being developed, such as the environment recognition with cameras, 360-degree Lidar Sensors, Long - and short-range Radar and ultrasonic sensors. Also hardware and Software for processing the sensor data, and an Autonomous vehicle control, as well as the electrification of the drive can be developed at Sedric. Add to this the further development of the operating concept, as well as the personalization. The Sedric progress made to then come all of the group's brands benefit.

First Autonomous cars in the city by 2021?

And when Sedric or something Similar could go in the series? To do this, VW says nothing, but gives a hint: "The first self-propelled vehicles as of 2021 on the streets in the first cities," says Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the VW group. "It will be an exponential development, the global takes place over many regions."(sl)