VW brings the Tharu

Shanghai (China), 28. May 2018

SUVs rule the world: manufacturers, which want to be globally successful, on the popular vehicle class. In the best case, the major markets get specially tailored models. VW has unveiled now, therefore, in China, the Tharu.

Powerful family SUV

Tha-what? Now, Tharu is the Name of a tribe in Nepal. The associated car measures 4.45 meters in length, 1.84 meters in width and has a wheelbase of 2.69 meters. The technical base is the modular Transverse matrix MQB. In the framework of the world premiere of the new VW Touareg in March 2018 in Shanghai, the Tharu was already on the stage, at that time still under the name of "Powerful Family SUV". The front of the Tharu on the design of the VW Atlas, which is sold in China as Teramont. The rear end, in turn, has a little roundish than the current Tiguan.

Easy-Tiguan also for the USA?

Tharu model in China, a 1.2 TSI with a rear torsion beam axle is started. Only the Version with 150 HP from a 1.4 Liter engine gets a multi-link design. Included as standard with front wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG. And why there are the Tharu? Now, in China, the role of the there is still offered old Tiguan is expected to take over as the cheap middle-class-SUV-entry. But also production in Mexico and Argentina is planned. There, the Tharu is to run allegedly under the name of Tarek from the Band. By 2020, the Export to Brazil as well as in the United States and Canada planned.(rh)