VW Beetle Dune Cross beetles

Cross beetles

Beetles are adaptable creatures, so also the Beetle from VW. There is hardly an automotive trend, he did not participate. Now send the Wolfsburg their bubble car of yesteryear into the terrain.

Now the beetle crawls off the road: VW unveiled in Detroit is a version of the Beetle in off-road look. The near-series study of the Beetle Dune to German: dune, shows the compact in yellow - orange metallic tone painted and provided with contrasting black fender flares. A chrome underride guard and sidebars on the sills, which are modeled on the bugs running boards underline the multinuclear appearance. A 154 kW / 210 hp turbo gasoline engine drives the dune beetle in 7.3 seconds from zero to 100 km / h.

This value is probably only for well paved road, but not for fine sand, a dune consists of the known.