Volkswagen Tayron is SUV for China

Volkswagen adds a new SUV to the Chinese leveringsgamma: Tayron.

In march this year, presented by Volkswagen in China, the new Touareg, a car that is not alone on the stage was lifted. During the presentation pushed Volkswagen to have two newcomers to the front: the Powerful Family SUV and the Advanced Mid-Size SUV. Both of them were according to Volkswagen, not yet production ready, but by now we know the Powerful Family SUV like the Tharu. That is 4,45 meters long cross-over, that by the joint-venture SAIC-Volkswagen is developed, now gets company the production version of the Advanced Mid-Size SUV: the Tayron.

These Tayron is not by the joint-venture, SAIC-Volkswagen, but by the partnership FAW-Volkswagen produced. The Tayron is 4,59 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2,73 m. He is a size bigger than the Tharu, but 11 inches shorter than the Tiguan Allspace (4.7 metres) and 10 cm longer than the 4,49-meter-long, regular Tiguan. Led lighting is standard and the car stands on 17 - to 19-inch alloy. On the motorenlijst put FAW-Volkswagen for the time being only 186 hp and 220 hp 2.0 TSI. Volkswagen launches direct an R-Line variant of the car.

Although the Tayron is smaller than the Tiguan Allspace, he is well above that model is positioned as a sportier alternative. The design of the car seems to be a combination of T-Roc and Touareg. The T-Roc is, incidentally, the only other cross-over that FAW-Volkswagen builds. The Tiguan L (Allspace), the Tiguan, Tharu and Freemont by SAIC-Volkswagen built.