Volkswagen Passat gets 1.5 TSI

The Volkswagen Group rolls out the 1.5 TSI is slowly on its portfolio. Today is the Passat with the replacement of the 1.4 TSI sign.

Volkswagen replaces the 150 hp strong 1.4 TSI for a more modern 1.5 TSI, a block which we already know from the Wave, and the T-Roc. The blown four-cylinder is standard, linked to a manual zesbak, but also with DSG7 transmission. For the automatic transmission requires Volkswagen no extra charge. AutoWeek may as first the prices report.

The starting price of the Passat with this 150 hp strong 1.5 TSI, for the moment the only petrol engine for the car, is fixed at € 38.280. For that money you can drive the Passat as the Comfortline. For the Comfortline Business requires Volkswagen € 39.310 and the Highline must € 40.500 be consideration.

Prefer the Passat Variant? Book than for the Comfortline an amount of € 39.880. For the Comfortline Business and Highline asks Volkswagen to respectively € 41.170 and € 42.100.

Volkswagen produces the Passat will continue with only one other engine: a 150 hp 2.0 TDI.