Volkswagen-chief Müller.

Wolfsburg, 10. April 2018

The big companies are holding back with the announcement of the personnel decisions almost always discreet. Especially when it comes to the Chairman of the Board, to penetrate the information only in the case of a definitive change at the top to the outside. Rarely does it happen that a boss is public for the count, such as recently at Deutsche Bank. But now the Volkswagen group-that is, the mother of VW, Audi, Skoda and co. with speculation about CEO Matthias Müller surprised.

Potential Changes to the staff

In a press release, it is pretty cryptic: "Volkswagen AG is considering a further development of the management structure for the group, which would also be associated with personnel changes in the Board and with Changes in departmental responsibilities in the management Board. This also includes a change in the office of the Chairman of the Board, could be part of it. On the basis of these Considerations, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft is currently in talks with various members of the Supervisory Board and the management Board. Mr. Matthias Mueller has signalled its willingness, in principle, to the changes. Currently, it is open whether the considerations and conversations to a further development of the management structure or personnel changes in the Board of management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft."

Diess for Müller?

A possible change in the office of the Chairman of the Board? Matthias Müller came in 2015 after the dramatic fall of Martin Winterkorn as a Porsche-Chef to the top of the Volkswagen group. In the result, he had to manage, in particular, the Diesel scandal, and the promotion of electric cars. However, especially in the "Diesel issue", as it's called, Volkswagen officially acted Müller often unhappy. Also the age could play a role: Müller is in June, 65 years old, his contract runs until 2020. As a potential successor to Herbert Diess, the head of the VW brand is in the conversation. The 59-year-old Diess, of the sat from 2007 to 2014 in the BMW Board of management, has completely new electric car from VW pushed, 2019 is the first vehicle of the I. D. number in the series. Be a plus point compared to Müller: He has no long-term Volkswagen-barn smell, which is why This is acting less inhibited and, at least in terms of the group's own Diesel no-risk Contaminated sites. On Diess` Post Jürgen Stackmann could be back: The 57-year-old VW Board member for sales, was Seat two years head of the brand.(rh)