Virtual cockpit of the future

Munich, 15 December 2016

Who wants to experience what brings the automobile future so technically, is generally well advised if he leads the developments at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to heart. BMW has shown there like in the past few years, where goes the journey through autonomous driving and new operating concepts. Also at CES 2017 (5th to 8th January 2017) that have Munich again spectacular in his luggage: a virtual touchscreen, to be exact. The whole thing is called somewhat cryptic plakativ HoloActive touch and is part of the Interior study "i inside future". According to BMW, there is an "innovative operating concept for the Interior of the future".

Intangible user interface

HoloActive touch is virtually a floating freely in space display can be controlled despite its virtuality with finger gestures. Who has ever wondered what the awkward gesture control in the new BMW to be good 5 and 7, now has certainty: it serves a higher, more in the medium to long-term purpose. Say: If at some point fully networked and automated driving cars, this kind of user interface is apparently just right. Developers combine the achievements of head-up display, gesture control and touch-screen operation in a completely intangible interface with HoloActive touch.

Sophisticated mirror technology

As for the head-up display, the screen of a coloured display is generated by sophisticated mirrors. In the future but not trite on the windscreen, but floating freely in the Interior. The driver sees his virtual touch screen beside the steering wheel at height of the center console. A special camera then captures the movement of the hand, where it sought in particular to the position of the finger tips in this area. The latter touching one of the virtual and freely configurable buttons, a haptic pulse is sent out, which activates the associated function. If and when you can first experience HoloActive touch in a series BMW, is of course purely speculative. The carmaker had last announced to bring a car completely autonomous driving on the road in the year 2021. With the virtual touch screen, it may take little longer probably. (black & white)