Very special

Maranello, 31 May 2016

It's now not necessarily like the Ferrari 458 Speciale of from House would suffer pronounced ordinariness. He is the hardcore version of one of the most beautiful sports car that has ever existed. He has 605 HP and a record litres capacity of 135 HP, he squeezes the last V8 cleaner it has given Ferrari (probably forever). Anyway, for some people quite a bit more "speciale" seems to tolerate even a 458 Speciale. In this case, the monetarily hopefully well equipped customer among men by Ferrari special projects are approached and in the so-called "one programme" dream is the Ferrari of his (and only his) can be built. An "enthusiastic" British Ferrari owner has done that now. As a result, he can sleep I hope calmer because his 458 Speciale now no longer so looks like all the others.

Disc as a cast

The British dream sounds 458 MM Speciale incidentally on the Ferrari name. The entire technology including the magnificent exception unit was unchanged from the 'normal' 458 Speciale. Visually and aerodynamically there are however, a few significant changes. The in-house Ferrari Design Center is responsible for the new curves. The goal for the MM was an even sportier, more aggressive line and glass surfaces with a kind of visor effect, as it is known that a helmet. For one colored a similar black the A-pillars, such as when the Ferrari GTO 1984. Front and side Windows seem now like a cast. As a result, also the roofline appears deeper. The special Speciale in Bianco Italia with very Italian stripes, which through the entire vehicle was painted.

Handmade body finishing touches

The new body parts, which were made by hand from aluminum and carbon fiber but undoubtedly achieve the biggest WOW effect. It's to opulent aprons in front and rear, new lateral air intakes and a small rear spoiler. Also, the MM on new wheels rolls. Front nestles the body neugeformte around steep inclined and closer this along cooler, the air vents on the flanks provide the engine with additional cooling air and the new rump on the trunk lid ensures a more even balance of power take-off. The Interior of the 458 MM Speciale was expanded to an optimized audio system and leather seats in the very seductive-sounding tone "Cioccolato".

Dates and prices top secret

Whether through the special-projects measures also something the performance has done themselves is not known. The data of the 458 Speciale is but even so relatively impressive. The Sprint from 0 3.0 seconds to 100 km/h, go 9.1 seconds from 0 to 200 km/h and the maximum speed is approximately 330 km/h. Also in terms of price, incidentally, absolute silence reigns. Course would interested in burning, what you so must shell out for a Ferrari single-piece, but probably it is better for the own peace of mind if you don't know it. This leaves a wonderful reconstruction of a wonderful sports car. And a probably very happy owner. (black & white)